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The Newcastle Urology Group are experienced specialists with many years working as NHS consultants, dealing with all aspects of urology health issues.

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Newcastle Urology Group Members

Trevor Dorkin Consultant Urological Surgeon

Trevor Dorkin trained in the North East and undertook Senior Fellowships in Vellore, India and Sydney, Australia before being appointed as a Consultant Urological Surgeon to the Freeman and Wansbeck Hospitals. He provides advice and treatment for general urological conditions including kidney stones, and has specialist interests in urethral stricture disease, erection and penile problems (e.g. Peyronies disease).

Kevin McElenyConsultant Urological Surgeon

Kevin McEleny is a Consultant Urologist at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead and Newcastle Fertility Centre. As well as treating patients with general urological problems he has a specialist interest in male infertility and erection problems.

Tahseen HasanConsultant Urological Surgeon

Tahseen Hasan is a Consultant Urologist with particular expertise in the management of voiding problems including incontinence. He offers sacral neuromodulation for patients with overactive bladders/detrusor overactivity. His other major interest is the treatment of urinary tract stones and minimally invasive kidney surgery.

Mark JohnsonConsultant Urological Surgeon

Mark Johnson is a Consultant Urological Surgeon who treats a broad range of general urological conditions. He has specialist expertise in the surgical management of prostate, kidney and bladder cancer, including minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical techniques.

Toby PageConsultant Urological Surgeon

Toby Page is a consultant urologist in Newcastle and Hexham. He graduated from medical school in London and underwent urology training in the South West and the North East. He has a PhD in kidney cancer and specialises in kidney surgery and the management of urinary symptoms in men and women both with and without surgery. He is particularly interested in improving the patients experience of receiving healthcare both in the outpatient and hospital setting.

Naeem SoomroConsultant Urological Surgeon

Naeem Soomro is the clinical lead in Urology at the Freeman Hospital. He has specialist expertise in key-hole surgery, in particular laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for localised prostate cancer and laparoscopic kidney surgery. He also offers consultations and treatment for general urological disorders.

David ThomasConsultant Urological Surgeon

David Thomas was appointed to the Freeman Hospital as Consultant Urologist in 1997. He has specialist interests in kidney cancer, Testis cancer and Kidney stones. He also provides a wide range of general urology services including microsurgical reversal of vasectomy.

Andrew ThorpeConsultant Urological Surgeon

Andrew Thorpe has a specialist interest in bladder cancer, and female urology, which includes incontinence and dysfunctional voiding problems, as well as providing all services for General Urology. He qualified in Cardiff in 1981, and trained in Cardiff, St Thomas' Hospital and the Royal London Hospital, before moving to the Freeman Hospital In Newcastle. He took up his consultancy in 1994.

Newcastle Urology Group

The Newcastle Urology Group are experienced specialists with many years working as NHS consultants, dealing with all aspects of male health issues, and urinary tract disorders in both men and women.


The Newcastle Urology Group was established in 2009 with the aim of offering comprehensive urological services to individuals as well as corporate clients. The Group consists of leading hospital specialists who assess and treat adults with kidney, prostate, and bladder problems. We also provide care for men with erection problems and infertility.

The Group provides services for NHS patients direct to GP surgeries, Primary Care Trusts and Hospitals. For further information please contact us.

Individual and corporate clients are seen at the Newcastle Nuffield Hospital for assessment and treatment.

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